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1 Emerald Dress, 3 Ways to Wear It


First, I love the color of this dress. The lace details on the sleeves are just so pretty. I purchased this dress from JCPenny and I feel like Emerald is the color of the year. Well, one of “the” colors for 2018! I’ve seen a lot of Emerald in stores (dresses, pants, tops, jewelry), and on the red carpet. For the Golden Globes, celebs made a statement with Emerald such as Zoe Kravitz with earrings, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Debra Messing with Emerald earrings and an emerald ring.

The first outfit, I paired this Emerald green A-line dress with my burgundy booties from Public Desire. I thought the two colors complimented each other greatly!


Here is a close up of these Chaos Two-Tone Pointed Toe Ankle Booties from Public Desire!


The second outfit I decided to pair it with pants. This outfit was inspired by Dina Tokio and other modest fashion bloggers. Something about wearing pants with a dress is just so chic. I don’t think I look as good as Dina or most modest bloggers but here is my take on the look.


The third outfit I made it more business professional. I rolled and tucked the dress, belted it and threw on a blazer.



This dress is so versatile, you can dress it up for work or a night out or dress it down for a girls brunch or shopping.

Which look is your favorite? Which one outfit would you wear? How would you wear this dress?


Peace & Love – Joniamac


  1. I love that burgundy boots and the emerald dress, it’s stunning. I’m always looking for different color combinations. I don’t have any burgundy shoes or even a purse but that’s something to consider. I have a blazer kinda put it aside for a bit so maybe I should bust it out again. You’re very creative, love the confidence in all your shots. Keep sharing those color combos!! Xx Jen


    1. Thanks girl! Its an interesting color combo but it looks so great! I feel like burgundy is a hot color right now so you should be able to find something. Thank you so much! I totally don’t feel confident at all, I’m always thinking don’t look awkward haha.

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  2. I would wear it with the red boots….. they both look chic! But in all honesty, all the looks are amazing! Thank you for the ideas!!


  3. I never think of wearing dresses other than as a dress!! I love the idea to pair it with pants though and to roll it up for work. (Could make changing for a night out at the office super easy!)


  4. Wow … loved the burgundy booties with it. Looked so pizzaasss… I loved the idea of the professional look too 🙂
    Ur post has me wanting to go buy a dress 👗 like now 🙂


  5. Those boots are absolutely to die for! Love this whole post! The three ways of making this a different outfit with a different vibe is amazing! Gave you a follow, glad I found your blog! 🙂


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