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How I Style Jeans to Work

Hey babes!

My goal for this post is to give you inspiration on how to wear jeans to work. If you work in a more relaxed business, have charity jean Friday, or if you have your own business, I want to share with you how I would style jeans. I work at a Museum as an Events Specialist and Visitor Services and I do wear jeans every once in a while.

Wide-leg jeans: 


When it comes to wearing jeans at work, wide-leg jeans are the way to go. They are the most “professional” because they are similar to pants. I also think that they are the easiest to style. Other than how I styled the pair of jeans, you can wear them with a sweater, a cardigan, and a button-down top, and basically any type of shoes: heels, flats, sandals or boots.




Black and white outfit:

A colored jean is the best way to get away with wearing jeans to work. You can’t even tell that they are jeans. Now with this outfit, if you are going to keep the blazer open I would wear a button down top. I couldn’t find mine for some reason. If you are going to be running around or keep your blazer buttoned up then (depending on where you work), you can wear a tee shirt.

IMG_3429 IMG_3443 IMG_3428


Bonus- Ripped jeans/Blazer:


Now, I know what you are thinking, “Whoa Jonia, you would wear ripped jeans to work?!” Yes, only if I wasn’t “technically” working. Meaning if I had to run an errand such as go to Publix or Sams and drop off the supplies or an early morning meeting. I still look somewhat professional and all I have to do is take off the blazer when I’m done and go about my day.


I’m obsessed with this Topshop Slouch Suit Blazer. I’ve been wearing it non-stop, with jeans, pants, and dresses. This blazer also comes in black.


Let me know, which outfit is your favorite?

Peace & Love – Joniamac



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