Tips to Staying Healthy at Home

Tips to Staying Healthy at Home

During this quarantine, it is hard to stay motivated and not to eat junk food all day long. It’s okay to have bad or lazy days but it’s important to have healthy days for our physical and mental health. Today, I am going to give you 7 options to stay healthy at home. 

Take your vitamins!

Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin 3, or Multi-Vitamins. Choose which ones are best for you. They come in so many forms; pill, chewable, and my favorite, gummies! I know they are hard to find right now but something is better than nothing!

Get the Blender 

To get some of your veggie and fruit intake, make a smoothie! One of my favorites is  Spinach, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, and mango with coconut milk. Or Strawberries, Blueberries with carrots and spinach. The smoothie options are endless. You can also add in protein powder, use sugar-free juice, or coconut water. What’s your favorite smoothie?

Sweet Potatoes 

I love sweet potatoes and there are so many ways you can eat them! My favorite way to eat it is for breakfast. Yes, you heard that right, breakfast.  Take a baked sweet potato and add in nuts ( I do mixed nuts), cranberries, raisins, with a bit agave (or you can use honey). You can add sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, granola, yogurt, cinnamon, or cinnamon butter, etc. I just saw a recipe that looks so good. They added in bananas and berries with nut butter to there sweet potatoes. Not only is this delicious but it’s nutritional, and filling. Sweet potato tacos are good too! The photo is linked to the recipe and other great sweet potato recipes.  

Workout App

Moving away from food, a fitness app that I use and love is 8fit. There is a free version and a paid Pro version. I have the free version. What I like about this app is even though there are a smaller amount of workouts for the free version, it’s still a good amount. You have the ability to choose what difficulty you want; from first steps to advance, you can see the exercises plan before you do them, and the workouts are about 10-15 minutes. The Pro version offers a ton more workouts and meal plans.

Workout Routine 

If you’re not into apps, my mom and I (I did what I could due to my health problems) did this workout routine for 6 weeks. Do the routine every day except for Sundays, that is your resting day. The only equipment used is a jump rope and if you don’t have one use an imaginary one. 

  • 30 jumping jacks (Repeat 5 times)
  • 20 push-ups (Repeat 5 times)                                    
  • 25 squats (Repeat 5 times)                                   
  • 10 triceps dips (Repeat 5 times)
  • 20 lounges (Repeat 5 times)
  • 100 jump ropes (total) 


Being held accountable to workout is a way to stay motivated. When I was in college, I was apart of a mile challenge in the nationwide organization I was in. We could either run or walk a mile every day and we had to send a picture proving that we walked a mile each day. If you didn’t submit a photo, you were kicked out of the group. Whoever made it to the end was recognized and won a prize. This was the most rewarding experience and I even did it with my family and friends. Make a group with your family and friends, it could be a mile challenge, exercising for 30 minutes, or a workout video. If a person skips a day, maybe instead of kicking them out of the group they have to do an extra mile or workout. 

Self Care

Be sure to practice self-care during the quarantine. It’s so easy to focus on work, school, or family during these stressful and hard times, but it’s important to take care of yourself. That could be meditating, yoga, a spa day at home, or a dance party. 


Lastly, to feel good, you need to look good! Here are some of my favorites from Adidas.



Let me know your favorite at-home workout routine! What is your favorite smoothie? 

Peace & Love – Joniamac

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