Blazer Dress

OMG, I just posted my first official youtube video!! So excited! Blazer Dresses are hot right now! I’ve been wanting one for a quite a while. Missguided had a sale and I went for it and got one! My only…

Outfits of October

Here are some of my favorite outfits from October. Be sure to follow me the gram for more style photos. All Blue. Wearing the same color, shades of the same or Monochromic looks are very trendy this fall. I decided…

How I Style: an​ Orange Skirt + Lookbook

  This beautiful orange skirt is by Victoria Beckham from her VBxTarget brand. I love the fit, the pocket (yes, it’s a real pocket!) and how versatile of this skirt is. The 5 looks I did are all something I…


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