Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean Review

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I first heard about these from an Instagram Ad and then I saw commercial for these. As I mentioned before, I don’t have a skincare routine. I use skin care products when I feel like I need them. What intrigued me about them, was when I do take off my makeup at night (I’m better about washing it off now) I just use Huggies Baby Wipes.  On days I wear more makeup than my everyday look, I notice the wipes weren’t removing all the makeup. I haven’t heard anything about these from any YouTubers and bloggers that I follow, so I thought I would still go ahead and give it a try. (Since I have purchased these about a  month ago, I have seen two bloggers have sponsor ads about these cleansing cloths.)

Product Info-

The Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in-1 Water Activated Cleansing Cloths are water activated cloths cleanse. It claims to have the feeling of a $100 spa facial. I have never had a facial before so I can’t say if this is true or not. However, my skin does feel amazing after using the Daily Clean Cloths. These textured cleansing cloths have the benefit of a scrubber, toner, cleanser, and mask to gently exfoliate the skin. It removes dirt, oil, makeup and even mascara. It works 2x better than a basic cleansing, and I totally agree with this statement. The face wipes combine a soap-free lather and active Olay conditioners to leave your skin clean, hydrated and smooth in less than one week. These are perfect for traveling when you are on the go, or for everyday use.  The Daily Facials are recommended for normal skin types. I have dry skin and these work great for me.

How it works-

The 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths are specifically textured, with soft cleansing pockets, to gently loosen up and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup. Your results are smoother skin in less than 1 week.
4-in-1 Formula
1. Cleanser – washes away dirt and make-up
2. Toner – essential cleansing formula tones skin
3. Mask – hydrates with essential Olay conditioners
4. Scrub – exfoliates to smooth skin’s surface

How to use it-

  1. Wet the cloth with water
  2. Rub together for a lather
  3. Cleanse (even around the eyes).
  4. Rinse out (for best results, and use cloth to wipe face)
  5. Throw away (do not flush)
It’s that simple! They suggest completing your routine to use Olay Complete Lotion All Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 for normal skin. I’ve used this moisturizer for years! At least a minimum of 5 years. I don’t use this at night but I do use this every single morning. You can find these pretty much everywhere. At Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Ulta, even Amazon. You can purchase either 33 cloth in a tub, or 33/66 cloths (not in a tub).
Sorry, I didn’t realize I couldn’t upload videos to my blog, with the plan I have. Here is the link! 
I love these cloths! From someone who went from using just Huggies wipes to these cleansing cloths, I can tell a major difference. 1) when I wake up and wash my face, I’m not still removing makeup, 2) I do have dry skin so sometimes the Huggies does dry out my face. After using the Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in-1 Water Activated Cleansing Cloths, my skin feels smooth, hydrated, and fresh. I can’t wait to see how these hold up in the winter.
Have you tried these? If, so what are your thoughts? What do you use to remove your makeup?

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Peace & Love – Joniamac

This post is not sponsored but if Olay would like to send me products, I would love that! 😜


April Bless Box Unboxing

I don’t want to be a negative Nancy, but April’s box was a huge disappointment for me. I was truly excited about one product. It’s not that the products aren’t great, it’s just that some of the products, I know I’m not going to use and other products I’ve gotten before. The boxes are starting to get a little repetitive. Also, shipping for this box was awful. I hate waiting on shipping! And paying for shipping, to be honest. I know there is a process, but I feel like it shouldn’t take that long for packages to ship. Anyways, I got my shipping confirmation on the 22nd and I didn’t receive my box until the 29th. I mean, what’s the point of it being April’s box, if we are getting it in May? To top it off, my Colourpop eyeshadow was shattered 😩😭😭 I think I was expected to be blown away and I just wasn’t. I know they are still new and trying to work out the kinks, but they should let customers know when there is a problem or a delay. With the delayed box, I was expected to be blown away and I just wasn’t.

April’s theme is Let Your Beauty Blossom. What’s in the box:

  • Colourpop Ulta Matte: Love bug- If you didn’t know Colourpop Ulta Matte is basically a liquid lipstick. It is described as a rich mahogany color. It’s like a brown reddish blush.


  • Colourpop Jinxie Super Shock Shadow- Is a soft satin gold, it is sheer. You can wear this alone or use it as a metallic finish.


  • Maybelline EyeStudio Brow Precise Micro Pencil (soft brown)- This brow pencil has a 1.5mm micro tip to help get you that precision in every stroke. It has a 3.7 out of 5 stars rating on Ulta.com, based on 98 reviews. I wish I would have received this in Deep Brown instead.


  • Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Pencil (Sleek onyx)- This is a waterproof gel eyeliner, it suppose to have intense color, have ultra smooth glide and have up to 16 hours of wear.


  • dpHUE Argan Oil- Is a lightweight, hair therapy that’s blended with argan oil, vitamins A and E, and liquid shea butter. It can be used on damp or dry hair. On damp hair, it absorbs fast, speeds up the drying time and protects your hair from heat. And on dry hair, it reclaiming shine and moisture without weighing it your hair down. It tames the frizz as well.


  • Soap & Glory Hand Food- A non-greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow. Hand Food is scented with their Original Pink Rose & Bergamot fragrance.


  • GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Gel- GO SMILE is a convenient teeth whitening that you use while brushing your teeth with no extra steps. This means no messy whitening strips, uncomfortable trays, or crazy device sticking out of your mouth. How to use it: On a dry toothbrush, put equal amounts of fluroide toothpaste and the teeth whitening gel, brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Use it twice a day. It claims you will have whiter teeth within 2 days, and dramatic results in 1 month.


  • Kopari Coconut Rose Toner- Refresh your face with this Coconut Rose Toner as it restores your skin’s natural balance, tightens up your pores, and controls redness. This Kopari toner is alcohol-free, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, non-GMO & vegan.


  • Defferin Gel (Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment) – Is oil-free, fragrance-free, and dermetologist developed and tested. Differin Gel contains retinoid adapalene, making it the first new over-the-counter active ingredient for acne in more than 30 years. It prevents breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes and clogged pores. Helps restore your skin tone and texture by clearing acne. Recommend to use once daily.


  • Body Shop Body Butter: Passion Fruit Body Butter- Body moisturiser with passionfruit oil for dry skin. This intensive creamy body moisturizer absorbs into the skin, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin and prevent dryness. For normal to dry skin. 


  • Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bar- This protein bar is non-GMO, gluten free,  dairy free, soy and canola free and paleo approved. Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond bars are made with grass-fed collagen, Turkish almonds, and pumpkin seeds. The founder of Primal Kitchen, philosophy is: every bite of food you eat should be both delicious and healthful.


  • Portland Bee Balm (Oregon Mint)- Portland Bee Balm helps support urban bees and their beekeepers. Learn more sbout the comany here. They use all natural ingredients: local Pacific NW beeswax, organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, organic California extra virgin olive oil, Oregon peppermint essential oil.


  • Aveda Coupon- A compliemtary 20 minute facial, a $35 value.


  • Bless Box Exclusives- This includes these cute Bless Box stickers, Hello Spring postcards, and coupon codes.



April’s box estimated value is over $165. Update: I did email Bless Box and they sent me a new eyeshadow.

This is my last box for a while, a girl needs to save some money. If you’re interested in Bless Box, use the code BLESSED to get 5% off your first box. I am most excited to try the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner. Which product would you love to try? Let me know, by leaving a comment below.



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Peace & Love – Joniamac

KBB Stylebox Unboxing


Knitted Belle Boutique is an online-only boutique located Overland Park, Kansas. Knitted Belle Boutique was founded by Carina out of the love for clothing, with fun prints and patterns for a unique look. I had the opportunity to collaborate with them on their KBB Stylebox.

KBB Stylebox is a one-time purchase box or a monthly subscription. The box contains clothing, accessories, skin/body care or gift chosen just for you by their stylists. All of the Styleboxes are different and each box has its own theme. How crazy, there are 14 boxes right now to choose from! From Bath and Body, Birthday, Candles, Easter, and Wedding, just to name a few. You can see the rest on https://www.knittedbelle.com The boxes range from $29.00-$99.00USD.

The box I received is the KBB Stylebox-Just For Fun (mini size). The mini boxes are $29.o0 plus free standard shipping for United States residents.

Now to the good stuff: Whats in the box!
  •  Gray & Black Cotton Socks. I got these really cute gray, black and white socks. It has a really cute frill at the tops and holes (design?) at the bottom of the socks. I would pair theses socks with booties or with a pair of heels.


  • Savvy Travelers Kleanupz Antibacterial Hand & Body Wipe. The wipe has a fresh scent, it soothes and restores the skin with the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in it. The Kleanup2 moisturizes your skin and sanitizes it; killing 99.9% of germs.  This wipe is paraben free, eco-conscious, cruelty-free and the company is women-owned and made in California. This is something I would keep in my purse for a long drive traveling out of town or for a flight. You never know when you need to clean your hands.


  • Small Purple Pompom Keychain. Pompom keychains are such cute accessories. The pompom keychain has been a popular trend since last year and you will definitely still see this accessory in 2017. It adds a pop of color to your bag, wristlet or wallet. I’m going to have to hide this from my sister.


  •  Spongellé: Beyond Cleansing Coconut Verbena Infused Spongette. How to use the sponge? Place the sponge under water a squeeze to release a lather. Massage in a circular motion to cleanse, moisturize and restore the skin from neck to toe making the skin soft and youthful. Squeeze out excess water after each use. The  Spongellé is small and travel size friendly. Spongellé say it’s accepted on all airlines, there is nothing to spill, nothing to break. One Cleansing Infused Sponge can get 5+ uses. Making it great to travel with such as vacations, to the gym, or a beach trip. The Spongelle is hypoallergenic & dermatologist tested, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The key ingredients are glycerin, water, fragrance, yuzu extract, edelweiss extract, and vetiver root extract. It’s also made in the USA.


  • Finch Berry Soapery: Renegade Honey. Renegade Honey is a handcrafted vegan soap. *this vegan product does not contain actual honey** Finchberry Soaps are made from natural, food grade, gluten free, and vegan-friendly ingredients. You will not find any harsh chemical preservatives in their products. Their soaps are rich, has a gentle lather, cleansing and beautifully appealing. Finchberry Soaps did a really great job designing Renegade Honey, the top actually looks like a honeycomb, it is cream colored with amber flecks.The ingredients are purified water, saponified oils of organic olive, organic coconut, palm, shea butter, select essential and/or fragrance oil, rolled oats, mica. Renegade Honey smells so good, with a rich bitter almond and sweet honey scent. To me, the smell is loud (when I open the package, I can smell the soap) but it’s a subtle smell. I’m sensitive to loud smells and I keep sniffing the scent and it hasn’t given me a headache which is great. I can’t wait to try it.
  • Urban Spa: The Love-that-Lava Pumice. This is an everyday exfoliation. The Love-that-Lava Pumice is a cooled volcanic lava that is infused with magnesium, iron, and oxygen. Making this natural for exfoliating harden skin, rough spots, and build-up of dead skin. I NEED this for my feet! Use the exfoliator on damp skin, daily to reveal soft and smooth skin.


What I love about the KBB Stylebox is 1) there are so many different theme boxes to choose from. It’s great because you can get something different all the time. Or it’s great to give as a gift since you can choose which box you want. Since you have an idea of whats going to be in the box, you don’t have to worry about if they like it or not like other subscription boxes. 2) I like how you can choose what size box you want. They have 3 different sizes: mini, regular, or super size. 3) I also, like the fact that you can choose if you want the box as a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription. 4) If you don’t like the box, you can return the box (all of the items need to be returned) for store credit. This really shows that Knitted Belle Boutique really cares about their customers and their satisfaction. 5) FREE SHIPPING (US only)! Everyone’s favorite 2 words.

Though these brands are new to me, I am really excited to give these products a try. The ones I’m most excited about is the Urban Spa: lava everyday exfoliation, the Spongelle, and the Finchberry soap. I know how much my sister loves pompom keychains so I’m going to be nice and give that to her. I want to get the bath and body box or soap. Spoiler alert to any of my friends reading this, you will most likely get a KBB Stylebox for your birthday 🙂

You can get 25% off on your first Stylebox with the discount code: FirstBox. The KBB Stylebox ships to most countries, so make sure you check them out at https://www.knittedbelle.com 

Peace & Love – Joniamac

Kalos After Hours Skincare Review


Hey everyone! How is your New Year going so far? When I received my December Bless Box I was impressed with the products lifestyle influencer, Sazan Hendrix chose. I’m super excited to share with you, my favorite product from the box is the Kalos Skincare After Hours | Soothing Night Cream. This is a $44 value which makes the Bless Box a great steal!

Kalos Skincare creates natural and organic skincare. Their products are all free of sulphates, parabens, dyes and other toxic chemicals. Also, they use certified organic ingredients, don’t test on animals, and use recycled materials for their packaging. What I like about Kalos Skincare is that every bottle sold, they give 2% of sales to a non-profit organization that educates and empowers girls around the world.

The After Hours | Soothing Night Cream is a soothing pH balance cream for troubling skin. The natural oils and botanicals gently hydrate and soothe the skin as the Vitamin C & E adds antioxidant protection. Using the Soothing Night Cream helps irritated and stressed skin, it quickly regains glow and vibrancy from the intelligent skin care.

I typically have dry skin but with the “Florida winter weather” being so crazy, as usual, my skin is extremely dry which, has caused me to slightly break out a bit. I don’t have a skincare routine. It’s recommended to apply to freshly cleansed and toned face, use it after a serum to soothe and repair the skin during sleep. How I’ve been using the After Hours soothing cream is, first I take off all my makeup with a Huggies wipe, then I wipe my face off with a wet washcloth and then apply the cream. When my face was severely dry I used my toner before I applied the cream.

I’m loving this Kalos Soothing Night Cream, a little goes a long way. It’s up to you how much you want to use but, I just use one or two taps of cream. It leaves a bit of a sticky feeling on your face (you only notice this if you’re actually touching your face 😉) but it’s not a heavy feeling. I’m really sensitive when it comes to smells but this has a light lavender smell. Waking up in the morning my skin feels so hydrated and refreshed.